Unceasing Joy

Making Space

Imagine for a second that “unceasing joy” is knocking on the front door of your life.  I envision this joy might look a lot like the student above with a guitar neatly tucked into his backpack.  (You know that when this child woke up in the morning he had a game plan that included joy…and finding space in his backpack for that guitar was important.) 

We can be most impactful if we leave space in our backpacks (lives) for joy.  Not the “sometimes” kind of joy that’s situationally dependent.  I’m talking about the “all the time” joy that comes from a place of deep passion and purpose; the guitar-in-your-backpack kind of joy!

Here’s how to make S-P-A-C-E for Unceasing Joy:

S – Start Strong: Begin each day with a positive perspective.  Be intentional about choosing kindness.  Take time each morning to express gratitude.

P – Possess your Passion: We all have passions.  Some of us own and live our passions better than others.  Be sure that a portion of each day you are immersed in your passions.  For me, this means spending time with my family, students, and staff.

A – Approach each new challenge as a learner and don’t forget to look for those hidden blessings in challenging situations.  Your approach to obstacles will impact the results you achieve.

C – Carpe Diem: Seize the day!  Make each day the best it can be with what you have.  Allow your “Inner Rockstar” to make a cameo!  Smile.  Laugh.  Rock-on!

E – Enchilada:  As in…you can’t fit the whole enchilada in your backpack.  Trust me…I’ve tried.  Be sure to save space in your backpack for what really matters.  You won’t be able to fit EVERYTHING in your backpack and still have room for your professional and personal passions.

I encourage everyone to make space for unceasing joy.  Our students shouldn’t be the only ones with guitars in their backpacks.  Make the space!

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About Dr. Brad Gustafson

I am an elementary principal and author in Minnesota. You can connect with me at www.BradGustafson.com or on Twitter via @GustafsonBrad

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